Since 1989, Al-Faisal has managed throughout 32 years of hard work to become a market leader in FMCG packaging in the Saudi Market. We have also reached out to the Gulf States and other overseas countries serving clients who chose to source their quality product packages from Al-Faisal over their local and international sources.


To grow into a global role model in FMCG packaging industry, a symbol of exquisite quality, safety, and reliability.


Relentless, persistent pursuit of excellence to make our clients proud and be part of their success and prosperity.


Al-Faisal is proud of the acquisition of 2 more factories in the 1st Industrial City of Jeddah, Al-Faisal 2 and Al-Faisal 3. Design, license, and construction started and very soon Al-Faisal is going to launch its operation on the new premises.


Food Packaging

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Non-Food Packaging

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Mold Manufacturing Facility

One of the most distinguished features of Al-Faisal that maintains its edge over other plastic factories is its comprehensive mold fabrication division. We are proud to own a professional plastic mold fabrication facility, well equipped with top-of-the-line machinery and most advanced technology. Most important, we have in our workshop a know-how and expertise that have been built through more than 30 years of best practice in the field of mold fabrication, both injection and blow.

Al-Faisal is proud of its Mold Factory that adapts latest technology in mold fabrication.

Among the top-of-the-line machines Al-Faisal owns are 4-Axis CNC machines that ensure matchless accuracy carving the finest details and most sophisticated designs.

Al-Faisal adopted 3D Printing technology in its Mold Factory that offers clients initial physical samples at the very early stage of a project study.




We are proud of our clients who are the FMCG market leaders, and whom we consider our partners in the journey to the summit of success and prosperity.


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