Al-Faisal provides foil-fitting service through a fully automated process that guarantees quality and food-safety.


Al-Faisal strictly follows the regulations set by its QC in packing, placing carton trays/boxes on plastic pallets, stretch-wrapping, and finally labeling. All pallets are QC inspected after packing before they are transferred to Warehouse.


Al-Faisal owns a fleet of carefully prepared trucks to meet hygiene standards for food-safety. The fleet is ready to serve Al-Faisal clients and deliver products everywhere in the Kingdom


Al-Faisal provides its clients with the IML labeling system where special static, thermo labels are fitted on the package during the injection or blow-molding process simultaneously. This technique will give the package a glamorous; luxury look that is makes the package most attractive to end consumers. Furthermore, regular labeling is available by fully automated labeling lines